Irak — Violences systématiques contre les femmes et fillettes - films et débat

Women and girls in Iraq are suffering from systematic violence and a sustained assault on their human rights. In addition to being victims of the bombings and other attacks that put so many Iraqis in danger every day, they are also being targeted specifically because of their gender.
The International Rescue Comittee and Amnesty International have pleasure in inviting you to an afternoon of discussion and films on the theme "Trapped by violence : Women in Iraq"

Debate and films
Trapped by Violence : Women in Iraq

May 8, 2009
1 pm - 5.30 pm
10 - 14 rue du Méridien
1020 Brussels

Jennifer Abrahamson, Regional Media Coordinator, Oxfam
Medina Haeri, Assistant Advisor on Women and War, International Committee of the Red Cross
Carsten Jurgensen, Researcher Middle East and North Africa Program, Amnesty International
Moderated by Shannon Meehan, Director of Advocacy and Policy, International Rescue Committee

Two films will be featured after the panel :

Letters of Hope by Taher Al Warr

From Fast Death To Slow Death by Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen

With "Amnesty International" and "International Rescue Committee"


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