OMAN : Taiba al Mawali Fear of torture and ill-treatment/Possible prisoner of conscience

MDE 20/001/2006

Further Information on UA 187/05 (MDE 20/004/2005, 15 July 2005) and follow-ups (MDE 20/005/2005, 21 July 2005 ; MDE 20/007/2005, 09 August 2005) -

Fear of torture and ill-treatment/Possible prisoner of conscience

OMAN : Taiba al Mawali (f) former member of parliament

31 January 2006

Taiba al Mawali was released from the Women’s Prison in the capital, Muscat, on 30 January, after serving a six-month prison term.

Taiba al Mawali was arrested in June 2005 in connection with her criticisms of the government, and in July 2005 she was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment by the Lower Court in Muscat. In August, her prison sentence was reduced to six months by the Court of Appeal.

No further action is required from the UA network. Many thanks to all those who sent appeals.

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