SAUDI ARABIA : 11 persons detained Fear of torture or ill-treatment/ incommunicado detention

MDE 23/029/2007

Further Information on UA 188/07 (MDE 23/028/2007, 19 July 2007)

Fear of torture or ill-treatment/ incommunicado detention

SAUDI ARABIA : Dr Abdullah al-Hamid (m), former professor of contemporary literature at Imam Muhammad bin Sa’ud University, Riyadh
Issa al-Hamid (m), brother of Dr Abdullah al-Hamid
Rima al-Jareesh (f)
Muhammad al-Hamli (m), husband of Rima al-Jareesh
Manal al-’Amirni (f)
Khalid al-Sa’wi (m), husband of Manal al-’Amirni
Badriya al-’Amirni (f)
’Adil al-Khaldi (m), husband of Badriya al-’Amirni
Afrah al-Fahidi (f) ]
Ashwaq al-Fahidi (f) ] sisters of Hani al-Fahidi
Hani al-Fahidi (m)

24 July 2007

All the people named above were released without charge on 22 and 23 July.

Rima al-Jareesh and most of the others were reportedly released on 22 July, while Abdullah and Issa al-Hamid were released on 23 July. Their lawyer, Matrook al-Faleh, thanked Amnesty International for all its efforts.

No further action is requested from the UA network. Many thanks to all who sent appeals.

Les Actions Urgentes par SMS, faites de votre téléphone portable une arme de libération massive : envoyez le code AU au 3313 (1 € le SMS).

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