SAUDI ARABIA : Lulowa al-Dir’i (f),Hila al-Husni (f),Lulowa al-Husni (f), Um ’Abdel Rahman al ’Awda (f),Zainab al-Mikhlif (f), Khowla al-Mikhlif (f),Hila Ibrahim (f),Tarfa Ibrahim (f) Further Information on UA 233/07 (MDE 23/032/2007, 03 September 2007) - Fear of torture or ill-treatment/incommunicado detention/possible prisoners of conscience

MDE 23/035/2007 - 18 September 2007

The women named above were released without charge on around 8 September, less than a week after they were detained.

They had been arrested on 2 September, the day after they took part in a protest north of Riyadh against the prolonged detention of their male relatives, who are suspected political opponents of the government.

No further action is requested from the UA network. Many thanks to all who sent appeals.

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