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Alors que l’Allemagne prend la présidence de l’Union Européenne, Amnesty international rappelle l’importance du respect des droits de l’homme, y compris à l’intérieur des frontières européennes.

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Un appel est lancé à la présidence allemande pour que de réelles mesures soient prises pour que l’Europe ne ferme plus les yeux sur les vols de la CIA dans sont espace aérien (voir l’article sur les restitutions), et qu’en général le respect des droits de l’homme devienne une réalité si incontournable en Europe qu’elle serve d’exemple et d’incitant pour le reste du monde…


Dear Madam Chancellor,

Torture is cruel, inhuman and degrading, and its use by the state is therefore not allowed under any circumstances. Since September 11th 2001 not only the USA but also some European countries have sought to undermine this fundamental human right. European airports have been used by the CIA in their so-called „rendition“ flights. Intelligence agents from Germany and other EU countries have interrogated prisoners at the US detention camp at Guantánamo Bay, and in prisons where torture is common practice. Across the European Union, terror suspects are being deported in streamlined procedures. EU states have trusted “diplomatic assurances” that these people will not be tortured. European governments thus become accomplices in human rights violations committed as part of the US-led “war on terror”.
Please ensure that during the German EU Presidency, illegal „rendition“ flights and the involvement of EU countries in them are further investigated, and no more such flights are permitted ; forcible returns from EU countries to states where torture is common practice are stopped ; the absolute ban on torture is upheld and strengthened.

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Chancellor Angela Merkel
Willy-Brandt-Straße 1
10557 Berlin

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