IRAQ : Faraj ’Abdullah Mulhim , ’Adnan ’Abdullah Mulhim, Amir ’ Abdullah Mulhim et Mas’ud Nur al-Din al-Mahdi Fear of torture/fear of unfair trial

MDE 14/022/2006

Further Information on UA 281/05 (MDE 14/042/2005, 28 October 2005) -

Fear of torture/fear of unfair trial

IRAQ :Faraj ’Abdullah Mulhim (m), aged about 41 ]
’Adnan ’Abdullah Mulhim (m), aged about 31
Amir ’ Abdullah Mulhim, (m), aged about 26]
Mas’ud Nur al-Din al-Mahdi (m),aged about 33
] Palestinians

23 May 2006

The four Palestinian men named above were released on 21 May on the orders of the Iraqi Central Criminal Court. The court ordered their release after it found there was no evidence they had been involved in the bomb attacks for which they had been detained.

Brothers Faraj, ’Adnan and Amir ’Abdullah Mulhim had been arrested in May 2005, together with Mas’ud Nur al-Din al-Mahdi, on suspicion of being responsible for a bomb attack that had taken place on 12 May in the Baghdad district of al-Jadidda. They were shown "confessing" on the Iraqi satellite television channel al-’Iraqiyya. However, they had been severely tortured by members of the Wolf Brigade, a special forces unit controlled by the Ministry of Interior, immediately after they were arrested, and later for a period of 27 days while they were held in a Ministry of Interior building in the Baghdad district of al-Ziyouna.

The four men are now said to have gone into hiding, because of recent waves of killing of Palestinians living in Iraq that have followed the 22 February bombing of a Shi’a Muslim holy shrine in the city of Samarra, north of Baghdad.

No further action is requested from the UA network. Many thanks to all who sent appeals.

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