USA : (North Carolina)Jerry Wayne Conner Death Penalty/Legal Concern

AMR 51/076/2006

Further Information on UA 117/06 (AMR 51/075/2006, 04 May 2006) -

Death Penalty/Legal Concern

USA :(North Carolina)Jerry Wayne Conner (m), white, aged 40

16 May 2006

Jerry Conner’s execution was stayed indefinitely on 10 May by the North Carolina Supreme Court, which ordered a county Superior Court to have new DNA tests carried out on evidence from the 1990 crime for which Conner was sentenced to die.

The Superior Court judge has not yet signed an order for the new DNA testing, or announced whether any hearing will be held at this stage on issues such as who will carry out the testing.

This is reportedly the first case in which the state Supreme Court has made a ruling under a 2001 state law that authorizes additional DNA tests under certain circumstances.

Jerry Conner’s lawyers have expressed their gratitude for Amnesty International’s action on this case. Many thanks to all who sent appeals. No further action is requested at present.

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