SUDAN : Abdel Jalil al-Basha (m), Umma Reform and Renewal Party General Secretary. Yagoub Yahya (m), aged 53, former army officer. Kabbashi Khater Mohammed Ahmad (m), aged 45, trader. Tawer Osman Tawer (m), aged 58, former army officer. Ahmad Salman (m), aged 35, secretary to Abdel Jalil al-Basha Further Information on UA 241/07 (AFR 54/051/2007, 07 September 2007) - Torture/Medical Concern

AFR 54/002/2007 - 04 October 2007

The five men named above, who had been held incommunicado, were moved to the main section of Kober Prison on 21 September. They are now held together with the 26 other detainees in the same case and like the others, they have access to their families and lawyers. They are allowed to exercise in a courtyard and receive food from their families. They are all believed to have had access to medical treatment.

Ahmad Salman, who needed medical treatment after torture, was brought by the Prosecutor’s Office to be examined by a surgery specialist on 16 September. His medical certificate recorded a swelling on his left testicle and a cut on his chin, consistent with his account of being kicked between his legs and hit violently on the back while blindfolded so that he hit a wall, causing a 2cm long cut on his chin.

All detainees have provided written testimonies in which they described different kinds of torture including prolonged beatings and being forced to remain for long periods in painful positions, to force them to confess to organising an attempt to overthrow the government. Abdel Jalil al-Basha described being slapped regularly on his face and back, prolonged standing with arms raised and sleep deprivation ; he stated that he had lost his hearing in his right ear. Yagoub Yahya also said he was beaten for six days and tortured by the method known as the "aeroplane" in which he was suspended from his wrists and ankles, which were tied together behind his back, leaving him partially paralysed for days. The marks of torture are still visible, Kabbashi Khater Mohammed Ahmad said he was beaten and threatened with execution by firing squad or hanging. Tawer Osman Tawer described being beaten with heavy water pipes and kicked over a five-day period. As a result of a stay in a cell with a dirty drain he developed a skin rash with severe itching, which persists.

On 2 October the five men, together with the 25 detained with them, who all suffered torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment during prolonged incommunicado detention, were remanded for a further two weeks without charge. This is contrary to Article 79 of Sudan’s Criminal Procedure Code, which allows only a maximum of 18 days’ remand for the purposes of investigation before a detainee is charged and tried. The men’s lawyers have appealed against the continued detention before the constitutional court and the court of appeals. On 4 October the families of the detained demonstrated in front of the Prosecutor’s Office against the continued detention without charge.

The five were arrested with at least 40 other people, including many former army officers, on or soon after 14 July. At press briefings National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) spokespersons accused them of smuggling arms and planning sabotage, to encourage foreign intervention in Sudan or a coup d’Ètat.

No further action is requested from the UA network. Many thanks to all who sent appeals.

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