SUDAN : Ali Hussain Mohamed Omer, Mohammed Omer and Haroun Mohamed Ali Incommunicado detention/fear of torture

AFR 54/018/2006

Further Information on UA 78/06 (AFR 54/011/2006, 05 April 2006)

Incommunicado detention/fear of torture

SUDAN : Ali Hussain Mohamed Omer (m) ]
Mohammed Omer (m) ] members of Beja Congress
Haroun Mohamed Ali (m) ]

23 May 2006

On 21 May, Ali Hussain Mohamed Omer, Mohammed Omer, Haroun Mohamed Ali were released without charge from Kassala prison, eastern Sudan. They have been released after more than 2 months in detention without charge or access to their families or lawyers.

During their detention they claimed they were iIl-treated. Ali Hussain Mohamed Omer was reportedly denied adequate medical treatment despite suffering from poor health.

The three are members of the Beja Congress, a political party which also has a small armed wing. Suspected supporters of armed opposition groups are subjected to harassment, arbitrary arrest and detention without charge. Families do not often know where detainees are being held. Prisoners are transferred from one place to another, while families must search for any information at all about their relative’s whereabouts. There is no public registry of detainees that relatives can consult.

No further action is required from the UA Network at present. Many thanks to all those who sent appeals.

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