TUNISIA  : Abdelghaffar Guiza and Omar Chlendi Medical concern

MDE 30/002/2006

Further Information on UA 39/06 (MDE 30/001/2006, 16 February 2006)

Medical concern

TUNISIA  : Abdelghaffar Guiza (m), aged 23
Omar Chlendi (m), aged 23

28 February 2006

Abdelghaffar Guiza and Omar Chlendi were released on 27 February. They were among scores of political prisoners released in the last few days, following a presidential amnesty to mark the forthcoming 50th anniversary of Tunisia’s independence from France.

Amnesty International has learned that on 24 February, Abdelghaffar Guiza was sent for treatment for tuberculosis at the hospital in Ariana, just outside Tunis, which specializes in the disease, and that his health has been improving.

No further action is requested from the UA network. Many thanks to all who sent appeals.

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