8 avril 2013 — journée internationale des Roms

Flash Mob video

On 8 April 2013, on International Roma Day, Amnesty International joined by the European Roma Policy Coalition and Roma activists from across Europe, organized a flash mob in front of the European Parliament to highlight the discrimination and human rights violations Roma face across Europe. We demanded that the EU takes stronger action to end discrimination and racism against the Roma. [We set up a Roma settlement and we enacted one of the human rights violations Roma face regularly, a forced eviction.] Together we stood up for human rights in Europe and demanded Roma rights now ! Join our campaign and call on the European Commission to step in to end discrimination against Roma at : www.amnesty.org/RomaRightsNow

Special thanks to all volunteers who participated in the action, especially Roma activists from Cluj-Napoca, Romania ; Ostrava, Czech Republic ; Plavecky Stvrtok, Slovakia ; Budapest, Hungary ; Rome, Italy ; the Roma youth activists from ERGO Network and ternYpe ; and the other members of the European Roma Policy Coalition (European Network Against Racism, European Roma Grassroots Organizations Network, European Roma Information Office, European Roma Rights Centre, Fundación Secretariado Gitano, Minority Rights Group International, Open Society Foundations, Policy Center for Roma and Minorities, Roma Education Fund).

Also thanks to Jean-Baptiste de Royer and Valentin Buyse, the artists who created the installation of the Roma village.

Music by Al-Alyon feat. Musto

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