PHILIPPINES : Armando Barquillo and Lirio de Castro Disappearance"/Fear for Safety

AI Index : ASA 35/001/2006

Further Information on UA 201/05 and follow-up (ASA 35/005/2006, 02 August 2005) - "

Disappearance"/Fear for Safety

PHILIPPINES :Armando Barquillo (m), aged 40
Lirio de Castro (m) aged 21, tricycle driver

20 January 2006

Amnesty International has learned that leftist political activist Armando Barquilllo was released in August 2005, one month after being abducted by eight heavily-armed men from a public market in Cavite City. It was reported that the abductors may have been members of military intelligence units. Lirio de Castro is also thought to have been released, although no further information is available.

Armando Barquillo, formerly the acting chairperson of a local chapter of the legal leftist political party Anakpawis (Toiling Masses), has ended all contact with Anakpawis, reportedly in fear for his life.

At least 60 activists identified with progressive leftist political parties were reportedly extrajudicially executed in 2005. The authorities persistently have failed to conduct effective, swift and impartial investigations into these crimes and bring those responsible to justice, leading to a climate of impunity in the Philippines.

Many thanks to all who sent appeals. No further action is required at present.


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